24-Day Crystal Calendar


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This crystal healing set was put together intuitively and has a variety of semi-precious stones, each with the own frequencies and healing abilities that communicate with your energetic body.

How to use this calendar.

Choose your stone for the day without looking in the box to maximize the energetic match for each day. There are meanings written on a piece of paper which come with each stone, with a description about the stones abilities and its healing properties. You can activate them with pure intent, hold your stone in your palm, and give permission, and acceptance, using your own words. By doing so, this will ignite the healing properties within the crystal.

Even if you have chosen this calendar just for collecting semi-precious stones, it will enrich your living space with positive energies.

Before the calendar is shipped, all the crystals and stones are cleared and infused with the healing properties of Lotus Reiki energy.

Calendar Weight: ~338.5g

Calendar Height: 18cm

Calendar Width: 11.5cm

Disclaimer: Each stone was selected intuitively, and thus they are in a variety of sizes. The stones should be no smaller than 1.5cm in diameter, with some of them being upwards of 3-4cm in diameter. Each calendar contains a mix of tumble stones and natural stones.

Additional information

Weight 338.5 g
Dimensions 18 × 11.5 × 18 cm