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For me, this is a very special sourdough starter, it was started by my late husband (Neil Robinson) who was a very passionate artisan sourdough home baker. Since 2017 I’ve been taking care of it, regularly feeding, and baking, with it. It makes the most delicious sourdough bread, and people who taste it loved it so much it inspired me to put the recipe online. I know that the most difficult part of baking your own sourdough bread is to create a starter. That’s why I’m making it available. Don’t forget that it is a living organism, make sure that when you order it that you are ready to take care of it.


Packaging and postage:

When you order the starter, before I package it in a zip bag, I will feed it, so it will be as strong as possible when it arrives to you. I will post it for next day delivery. postage is an additional £5.

How to treat it when it arrives:

When it arrives, you will need to scrape it from the plastic bag and put it into a glass jar with a piece of cling film on the top as a lid to go in the fridge. Leave it for 3 days to rest. After it has rested, you can start the process of bread baking and you will need to refresh your starter. Here is the link for the whole process of feeding the starter and preparing the dough for baking your delicious artisan sourdough bread: https://www.facebook.com/jutta.robinson.73/videos/1536130569902135/

If you don’t have the time to watch the video, here is how to refresh your starter.

To feed your starter, you will need:

  • 127g of water
  • 55g of starter
  • 75g of whole meal flour
  • 75g of strong white bread flour

Dilute the starter in the 127g of water, then add both flours and mildly stir it with the whisk until the flour and the water combine together. Put it in a clean jar (9 x 9 x 16.5cm) and put cling film over it, then leave it to raise somewhere outside the fridge. If you’re not ready to bake right now, put it in the fridge after it has risen. If a couple of days have passed since you put it in the fridge, you will need to refresh it again before you start the baking process.

If you decide to bake your bread a few days or a week after receiving it, you will need to refresh it again. To get the best results for the artisan sourdough bread, you have to use the starter as it reaches its peak strength.

I wish you good luck on your artisan sourdough baking adventure.

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