Black, White, Red collection. Petite Necklace


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From the black, white, red collection.

The colours of this bold and elegant contemporary Jewellery Design represent the strength, elegance, and the purity of passion that lies in each of us.

Empowering, understanding and passionate.


About the colours:

  • Red is the colour of energy, passion, and action
  • White represents purity, innocence, wellness, completeness, brilliance, understanding, and more.
  • Black is, in feng-shui, associated with the element of water, and invokes power, mystery and calm.
  • The purple lines within the design represent wealth, creativity and wisdom.
  • The blue lines within the design represent depth and stability.


Description of materials and design:

Hand crafted, fused-glass pendant with silver enclosed design faceted in sterling silver, full back. Black beads are round, black onyx, approx 4mm diameter. 2 round red-dyed coral beads, approx 6mm diameter. Round white coral beads approx 6mm diameter. Handcrafted sterling silver hook clasp.

Dimensions are included in a drawing in the pictures.

Weight: 22g

Love Handmade

Additional information

Weight 22 g
Dimensions 46.3 × 46.3 × 25.5 cm


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