Chakra Necklace with Sterling Silver


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Chakra necklace put together in sterling silver with extension and precious stones representing the chakras.

Amethist: 8mm

Lapizlazuli: 8mm

Itowlite: 8mm

Malachite: 8mm

Amber: 9mm

carneliam: 7mm

Branch which has been red coral reskinned from an amithist necklace



  • Fused-glass,
  • Coloured glass,
  • Plastic coated metal wire with glass bead.


Height (from the first stone to the last): 8cm

Height (chain): 24.7cm

Height (full length): 33.4cm

Width: 2cm

Weight: 8g

Disclaimer: As every piece is handmade, dimensions, weight, and colour may very slightly. Also, as all of the pieces are cut individually, the exact look will vary slightly from the image.

Love Handmade

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Weight 8 g
Dimensions 33.4 × 2 × 33.4 cm