Guardian Angel “Confidence”


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Decoration/hanging: Contemporary glass angel. The angel is painted onto the glass and fired. I have been to many cathedrals and I like the look of stained-glass windows. For the angels I tried to keep some of the flair, but with a more contemporary twist.

To complete the angel I used quartz crystal. I used quartz crystal because they are a pure and powerful healing stone. Quartz crystals are master healers, they amplify positive energies and disperse negative ones.

These angels are very special, as each angel I create is channelled, and is not only for you to use as a peaceful decorative piece, it is also to be used as a tool for you to connect with you own guardian angel.

These angels are all channelled, and this one is called “Confidence”


  • Fired single sheet,
  • Glass paint for firing,
  • Quartz,
  • Plastic coated metal wire with glass bead.

Height (just glass): 16.5cm

Height (quartz hanger, full drop/length): 47cm

Width: 12cm

Weight: 138g

Disclaimer: As every piece is handmade, dimensions, weight, and colour may very slightly.

Love Handmade

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Weight 138 g
Dimensions 16.5 × 12 × 16.5 cm