Necklace: Multidimensional World


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A necklace with a multidimensional design

This design reflects our inner ability to visualize or recognize that we are living in a multidimensional world that is intertwined.

This necklace is a unique one off design.

About the colours:

  • Red is the colour of energy, passion, and action
  • White represents purity, innocence, wellness, completeness, brilliance, understanding, and more.
  • Black is associated with the element of water, and invokes power, mystery and calm.

Description of materials and design:

Hand crafted, fused-glass pendant with silver enclosed design faceted in sterling silver, full back. Black beads are round, black onyx, approx 12mm diameter. 2 round red-dyed coral beads, approx 11mm diameter. Round white jade beads approx 12mm diameter. Handcrafted sterling silver hook clasp.

Dimensions are included in a drawing in the pictures.


Weight: 164g

Love Handmade

Additional information

Weight 164 g
Dimensions 49.3 × 49.3 × 28.8 cm