Santa’s Boot


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Decoration/hanging: A Santa boot with velvet red ribbon and a green, red, and white bow with a candy cane. Loving hearts are dangling on branches with red berries, and while a little bird takes a rest on one of the branches, it starts to snow beautiful silver snow flakes


  • Fused-glass,
  • Metal,
  • Plastic coated metal wire with glass bead,

Height (just glass): 7.5cm

Height (with hanger): 19.5cm

Width: 4cm

Weight: ~44g

Disclaimer: As every piece is handmade, dimensions, weight, and colour may very slightly. Also, as all of the pieces are cut individually, the exact look will vary slightly from the image.

Love Handmade

Additional information

Weight 44 g
Dimensions 7.5 × 4 × 7.5 cm